Does the Island need a hygiene rating program?

It’s pretty simple really, throughout the UK and wider continent there are hygiene ratings for all hospitality bushiness, why should the Isle of man be any different? There is certainly a good case for a system, but, is there the manpower within government to actually achieve this? The honest answer is no there isn’t, we have a very busy environmental health department who are stretched to keep up with the ever growing demands of the sector, we have new pop ups restaurants all over, new artisan producers as well as the hotels, restaurants and other sites that need supporting and inspecting.

So, in my opinion it may be that an organisation, such as the Chamber of Commerce or even a subscribed venture that may be the way ahead to introduce an island rating system for all our hospitality businesses. This way we “the customer” can see exactly the standards of the places we are eating in… to me it makes real good business sense

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